Where is the LaLOO warehouse?

The LaLOO central distribution warehouse is in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. All delivery points east and west are within a maximum of 5-day delivery.

How long has LaLOO been in business?

LaLOO Accessories is a Canadian company established in 1999. The owners have been designing and consulting to the Home Building and DIY market since 1988. They understand the long-standing design traditions of the bathroom space.

I am building a condominium and require large quantities of product.  Will LaLOO provide quotations for bulk purchases?

Yes. Send your written request by mail, fax or email with details of the job, location, start date, and end date. Include your contact information and if you are already working with one of the LaLOO dealers.

Are the NVelup Towel Warmers UL Approved for new construction?

Yes, all the double post towel warmers and floor models are UL Approved.  The single post towel warmer (NP06 C) is not approved for new construction and is suitable for the renovation market.

How fast can products ship from the LaLOO warehouse?

All orders are processed and confirmed within 24 hours.  The confirmation will state the exact delivery date, which is usually within 4 days of receipt of the order. Our dealer network is advised by telephone of products that are back ordered and an approximate ETA is provided.

Can I buy direct from the LaLOO Distribution Centre in Winnipeg?

No. Please consult the Dealer Locator for a store nearby to your residence.  You can also call toll free 1-866-305-2566 and we can direct your inquiries to a showroom.

How do you ship fragile products across Canada?

All products are wrapped in bubble wrap, Styrofoam and finished with cardboard.  An additional layer of lightweight hardwood is strapped to each side of mirrors and the stretched-wrapped to secure all components.

Can I use the LaLOO Glass Shelving in a tiled stall?

With the exception of the 5611T Corner Shelf, the glass shelves are NOT tempered, therefore it is by your choice if you choose to install in a tiled shower stall. 

Can I use the LaLOO Glass Shelving in an acrylic or fibreglass stall?

No. The thickness of the reinforced acrylic and fiberglass stalls will not withstand the weight of a glass shelf installation.

How much weight can LaLOO accessories support?

The type of installation determines the amount of weight that can be supported by any LaLOO accessory.  LaLOO strongly recommends that ALL accessories be installed on stud or backing materials installed behind the drywall.